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Vernaio is an AI IoT solutions provider headquartered in Munich, Germany. Their powerful industrial AI helps companies optimize production processes, in particular avoiding production disruptions before they occur. They strive towards making the world more prosperous and sustainable with artificial intelligence.

About their solutions

Asset Protector is a powerful AI solution that protects production assets from all types of disruptions. Plant managers, process engineers, shift supervisors, machine operators, and maintenance personnel can use Asset Protector to maximize asset performance to increase production efficiency while maintaining sufficient quality. Asset Protector can be used for all types of production assets in any industry (e.g. bottle filling machine, paper machine, steel furnaces, packaging line, parts assembly line).

Kayros is a production planning software which optimizes the use of all production resources with AI-powered cognitive production planning. Production planners, plant managers, and process engineers can use Kayros to minimize the time required for production planning and scheduling. Kayros can be integrated with all existing ERP and MES IT systems.

aivis® is a game-changing industrial AI engine that can be used to build models and analytics for prediction, prevention and surveillance. In particular, the ability to process large amounts of industrial raw data quickly and efficiently is why companies are using aivis® today to develop their own AI-powered IoT applications. aivis® is the life force that powers our point solutions such as Asset Protector and Kayros.