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Expert Speakers

Join us at the nexus of innovation and inspiration! From visionary CEOs to pioneering experts, our roster boasts individuals who redefine industries. With industry titans, gain exclusive insights, and be part of shaping the future.

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Start-up Challenge

Innovation ignites here at Altrusia! Elevate your startup with tailored packages, connect with investors, and accelerate growth. Join us to turn visions into industry-changing realities

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Welcome to Altrusia: Your gateway to global networking, Connect with industry leaders, expand your horizons, and propel your business toward global success. Elevate, Expand, Excel!

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With a rich history of hosting successful events across Asia and Europe, we’ve garnered the trust of top executives, startups, and esteemed sponsors.

Upcoming Events

Conversational AI & Customer Experience summit Indonesia

18th & 19th July 2024

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Conversational AI & Customer Experience summit Europe

6th & 7th November

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Digital Twin & Smart Manufacturing Summit

March 2025

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Workforce Identity Governance & Access Management Summit London, UK

April 2025

Identity Verification & Banking Experience Summit - London, UK

April 2025

Conversational AI & Customer Experience Summit India

June 2025

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Conversational AI & Customer Experience Summit Asia

August 2025

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Customer Service Excellence Summit Saudi Arabia

October 2025

Sustainable Manufacturing Summit - Amsterdam, Netherlands

October 2025

Conversational AI & Customer Experience Summit - Munich, Germany

November 2025

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Customer Service Excellence summit & Awards - India

December 2025

Our Team's Passion Powers Progress

We are a team of skilled professionals passionate about technology and exceptional startups, creating an environment that encourages inspiration and ambition to thrive, grow, and blossom into excellence. We host technical events that merge innovation, expertise, and industry trends. Our team of experienced and dynamic minds in the industry gathers a group of seasoned personnel from all over the globe who have dedicated themselves to gaining decades of knowledge and experience to share with you to set realistic plans and strategies to achieve these objectives enabling collaborations.

In Altrusia's pursuit: uniting innovation, compassion, and progress. Elevate your startup in the Fourth Industrial Revolution by networking with industry leaders. Together, let's shape a future where technology serves humanity.

Uniting Global Minds

In this dynamic convergence of brilliance, our event provides an exclusive environment where attendees can engage directly with these eminent personalities. Attendees have the privilege of not just hearing but connecting with speakers who drive global change. Whether through keynote addresses, workshops, or networking sessions, our speakers share their wealth of knowledge, experiences, and strategies, fostering an environment ripe for learning and growth. We provide the platform to collaborate with the best minds in the business, expand your reach, and forge connections that propel your company toward success. Our track record speaks volumes – bringing together industry leaders and visionaries to drive innovation


  • I appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into organizing the summit. It was evident that a lot of thought and care went into every detail, and it truly showed in the success of the event.
    Jessica Ferreira Vicente
  • I was honoured to share my knowledge about the evolution of traditional Conversational AI Platforms and the rise of new LLM-powered platforms. Two great, insightful days in the company of like-minded people who are passionate about Conversational AI. Great talks and great organization by Altrusia
    Marina Ashurkina
  • A heartfelt thank you to the organizers and sponsors for curating such an insightful event!
  • Just wrapped up an incredible two days at CASES2023 in Munich! A whirlwind of insights, innovations, and a bit of AI wizardry. Thank you to all the organizers-Altrusia, speakers, and attendees for making CASES2023 an event to remember! Here's to pushing the boundaries of AI and customer experience. 🥂 Until next year!
    Tomas Mikelionis
  • It was a great honor to be invited as a keynote speaker to the Conversational AI summit #CACES2023 in Munich. met so many new incredible people in the last 4 days. It was wonderfull! Thanks Altrusia for organizing such a great event!
    Erwin Pellemans
  • Delighted to have spoken at the Conversational AI & Customer Experience Summit in Munich. Thanks again for the amazing organization of the event and also the fantastic moderation. Great event!
    Ali Fenwick
  • Kudos to Altrusia for organizing a hugely successful event. Impressed by how companies are navigating these challenging times and the valuable insights shared on #GenAI readiness and real-life #AI application challenges. Looking forward to continued conversations and collaboration in this dynamic space!
    Joao Simoes
  • I had the best time representing Transcom at the Conversational AI & Customer Experience Summit last week in Munich and discussing the potential of #genai in #customerexperience.
    Nina Birac
  • We had an insightful time at the Conversational AI & Customer Experience Summit in Munich. It was an incredible two-day event, surrounded by like-minded individuals and industry experts, with whom we are continuing to shape the future of AI conversations. Sharing our real cases and showcasing our expertise was a beneficial experience. Thank you to everyone who made the Summit unforgettable. Until next year!
  • Thank you Altrusia to give me a stage to share my thoughts on the Conversational AI & Customer Experience Summit . Broad scope of topics and interesting (human) conversations definitely made it worth the while!
    Thomas Van Berchem
  • Had an amazing time at Conversational AI & Customer Experience Summit in München, met brilliant people in the field of CAI, and had insipiring discussions. Thanks to all the organisers for brining us all together and making it possible ☺️
    Zahra Kolagar
  • I had the chance to learn more on #digitalization in #manufacturing and to connect with people in the industry. Many thanks to Altrusia for organizing such an insightful and vibrant event!
    Anatoliy Huzynets
  • It was also great experience to learn from other speakers who represented top companies from different industries on topics like Digital Twin, design for automation, additive manufacturing and more
    Alex Samchenko
  • I appreciate the tremendous effort that your team put into making it a success. The speakers and fellow delegates were exceptional, and I learned a great deal from the conversations and insights shared during the event. Once again, thank you for providing this platform to learn and engage with the community.
    Arqum Ahmad
  • A great event deserves recognition! Thanks to Altrusia and their team for organizing such a great event! Looking forward to the next 👍
    Niklas Brenner
  • It was my pleasure and time well spent, thanks for having me as speaker and having had the opportunity to show real-life examples on how #ai is helping #manufacturing processes across different industries to become more #sustainable and efficient!
    Asdrubal Pichardo
  • It was a pleasure to take part in the summit, see latest developments and use cases of Digital Twin and engage in interesting conversations. I hope everybody found my presentation also interesting (Digital Transformation with focus on People)
    Adrian Sebastian Palka
  • It was a great event! Enjoyed being part of it!!
    Yariv Adan
  • It was a great event with such a diverse range of topics being discussed.
    Aarsh Srivastava
  • This was an outstanding conference, excellent and very professional organisation by Altrusia. Up to date information on how the latest developments in Conversational AI are being adopted by companies, opportunities and challenges, insightful discussion. Look out for the next Altrusia events.
    Michael McTear
  • Happy to be in Munich to attend CACES. Conversational AI & Customer Experience Summit. Two days with a lot of input.
    Werner Lierz

Altrusia's Startup Booster Program

At Altrusia, we provide innovative start-ups with the potential to add positive change to the industry by presenting them with a platform to enhance their networking by connecting them with venture capitalists, mentors, and potential clientele from related industries. To ensure that your organization gets the maximum visibility at our event, we offer customized packages showcasing keynote slots, marketing campaigns, and more. Join us to achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently.

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