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Conversational AI & Customer Experience summit

COVID-19 has pushed economies globally to undergo accelerated Cybernated transformation. Conversational AI is a set of technologies that is sweeping across industries, and every company is looking to add AI-based solutions to automate their routine operations. By understanding the essence of human languages, speech, communication, emotions, and real intent, the Conversational AI & Customer experience summit will discuss how companies can achieve human-like interactions between computers and humans. 

Digital Twin & Smart manufacturing Summit

As a digital twin & smart manufacturing capability fully-fledged, Companies will look to leverage the Ai-powered cognitive capabilities of the intelligence of the digital twin. To put these advanced benefits, organizations must start to progress how products are designed, manufactured, deployed, and managed.

Trusted Digital Identity Summit

In this cybernated-first economy, organizations are facing increasing fraud and cyber threats as criminals launch civilized attacks and circumvent static fraud prevention and cyber security processes. Identity is central to preventing fraud and cyber threat challenges in this increasingly digitized age. Establishing and maintaining secured trust in the true identity of consumers is essential for organizations to deliver secure products and services while providing an exceptional customer experience. This Hybrid summit will focus on how today’s digital transformation leaders can outsmart fraud and build stronger customer relationships by transforming identity trust.

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